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39 Funny Debate Topics for Elementary Students

Debating can be both educational and entertaining, especially when the topics are as whimsical as they are thought-provoking. For elementary students, incorporating funny debate topics into the curriculum not only encourages critical thinking and communication skills but also adds an element of fun to the learning process. In this blog post, we'll explore a collection of fun debate topics that are sure to have students giggling while engaging in lively discussions.

Introducing humor into the classroom can make learning more enjoyable and memorable for young learners. Funny debate topics not only stimulate creativity and critical thinking but also help students develop confidence in expressing their opinions. By encouraging laughter and playfulness during debates, teachers can create a positive and inclusive learning environment where every student feels empowered to participate.

39 Funny Debate Topics for Elementary Students

  1. Are cats better secret keepers than dogs?

  2. Are robots smarter than humans?

  3. Are unicorns the best mythical creatures?

  4. Can a hot dog be considered a sandwich?

  5. Is chocolate a vegetable because it comes from a bean?

  6. Is it better to dip fries in milkshakes or ketchup?

  7. Is it better to eat dessert for every meal?

  8. Is it better to have a job as a superhero or a pirate?

  9. Is it better to have a magical wand or a time-traveling machine?

  10. Is it better to have a pet dragon or a pet dinosaur?

  11. Is it better to have a pet elephant or a pet giraffe?

  12. Is it better to have a pizza with tiny toppings or one giant topping?

  13. Is it better to have a robot friend or an alien friend?

  14. Is it better to have super strength or the ability to fly?

  15. Is it better to live in a treehouse or an underground bunker?

  16. Is it better to live in a world of endless summer or endless winter?

  17. Is it better to travel by flying carpet or by dragon?

  18. Is pizza a better breakfast than cereal?

  19. Is reading better on paper or on a screen?

  20. Should all vegetables taste like candy?

  21. Should animals be allowed to wear clothes?

  22. Should bedtime be banned?

  23. Should every day be a birthday?

  24. Should every meal include a surprise ingredient?

  25. Should every school have a pet?

  26. Should homework be replaced with playing video games?

  27. Should kids be allowed to have a say in school cafeteria menus?

  28. Should kids be allowed to have unlimited screen time?

  29. Should kids design their own school uniforms?

  30. Should playgrounds have trampolines instead of swings?

  31. Should recess be longer than class time?

  32. Should school start at noon instead of in the morning?

  33. Should schools have nap times for all grades?

  34. Should superheroes be allowed to have secret identities?

  35. Should the world be run by kids instead of adults?

  36. Should you be allowed to bring toys to school?

  37. Should you eat dessert before dinner?

  38. Would it be fun to go to school on weekends?

  39. Would life be more fun if we lived in space?

Incorporating funny debate topics into the classroom can infuse excitement and laughter into the learning process while encouraging students to think critically and express themselves confidently. By embracing humor and creativity, teachers can create a dynamic and engaging environment where students are eager to participate and learn. So, let the laughter begin as students embark on hilarious debates that ignite their imaginations and foster a love for learning!

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