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Requirements to Become a Substitute Teacher in Texas

Updated: Jan 17

Substitute teacher requirements in Texas

If the idea of becoming a substitute teacher in Texas excites you, don't let the lack of formal certification or license deter you. HelloSubs provides free training and certification for all new subs. You could be substitute teaching in Austin or Houston as soon as next week!

Texas Substitute Teacher Requirements:

Do I need a certificate to be a substitute teacher in Texas?

A substitute teacher certificate is not required by the Texas Education Agency. This means that there are no state-mandated requirements for people who want to substitute teach in public schools. You can apply to sub without a certificate because independent and public districts set their own requirements for substitute teachers. For example, if you applied for a position at a public school, it's possible that they'll ask you to hold an official TEA-issued certificate or be certified through a private organization like STEDi or SubSchool. However, this isn't guaranteed—some districts allow substitutes without certification and others don't hire them at all!

If you're going into education as a career path and want to get paid for doing so (because let's face it: teaching is hard work), you'll need to obtain a state issued teaching credential. Working as a substitute while you complete your teacher preparation program is a great way to earn while you learn.

Requirements to become a substitute teacher in Texas include meeting age, education, and criminal history criteria.

To become a substitute teacher in Texas, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Can an 18 year old be a substitute teacher?

    • You must be at least 18 years old to become a substitute teacher.

  • You must be a US citizen or have permanent resident status.

  • You must pass a background check. This includes fingerprinting and criminal history checks. In most cases, you will also need to complete a substitute teacher training course that can be completed online or at some colleges and universities throughout the state of Texas.

Is a degree required for becoming a substitute teacher in the state of Texas?

A degree is not required for becoming a substitute teacher in Texas.

This is a great way to decide if you want to pursue an education degree, without committing to going back to school.

If you want to work in the education field but are not sure if you want to go back to school for a degree, consider completing an alternative teacher prep program. These courses can be completed in-person or remote and can fit around a full-time work schedule.

A bachelor's degree is required for long-term subs in some districts of Texas.

Some districts require long-term substitutes to have a bachelor's degree. In this case, they are considered full-time employees of the district and must meet the same requirements as other teachers in the district. This could include hiring and retention bonuses, professional development opportunities, and tenure or contract protections.

When applying for a position as a long-term substitute teacher in Texas, you will want to check with your school district's human resources department to determine whether there are additional requirements beyond those listed above.

How much do substitute teachers make in Texas?

The average salary for substitute teachers in Texas is $132 per day.

Subs are usually paid on a daily basis, not hourly. Some long-term assignments go up to $180/day which means you can earn more than $3,500 per month if you work full-time as a substitute teacher. You can calculate your potential substitute teacher salary here.

You can teach in Texas as a sub without having a degree or much experience if you receive proper training.

  • You can teach in Texas as a sub without having a degree or much experience if you receive proper training.

  • HelloSubs provides free training and certification for all new substitutes.

  • Starting out as a substitute can be a great way to launch a rewarding career as a teacher.

Conclusion: substitute teaching in Texas.

In summary, there are several areas of Texas where substitute teachers do not need to have a degree or teaching credentials/licenses. However, the requirements vary from district to district.

HelloSubs simplifies the getting started process by walking you through background checks, and providing free training.

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