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End-of-the-Day Classroom Games for Elementary Substitute Teachers

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

In this article, we'll explore six fun and effective end-of-day classroom games for elementary substitute teachers, enhancing the learning experience with a touch of excitement.

End-of-the-Day Classroom Games for Substitute Teachers

Game 1: Scattergories

Materials needed for each student: Pencil and Paper.


  1. Set a timer for 2 minutes.

  2. Give the students a category and have them work independently or in partners to come up with as many words in that category.

  3. When time is up ask students to count their words.

  4. The person or team who has the most will read them out just to make sure they are correct, otherwise go to the next highest group.

Some suggested categories:

  • Things you find in a School

  • Things that are Hot

  • Things that are cold

  • Types of Lunches

  • Types of Desserts

  • Things you find on a beach

  • Things you see on a plane

  • Sports

  • Foods

  • Snacks

Game 2: Around The World

Materials needed: A pack of math fact flash cards. (Addition and subtraction for grades 1-2 and multiplication for grades 3-5).


  1. Students will sit in a circle.

  2. One student will volunteer to go first.

  3. They will stand behind the first student and will be presented a math fact.

  4. The first person who answers will stand behind the second person, and it will continue until you go around the circle.

  5. The object is to see who can go furthest around the circle without getting out.

Game 3: The Never Ending Story


  1. Students will sit in a circle.

  2. The substitute will start by giving students the first line of a story.

  3. Each student must listen and add the next line.

  4. They should try to keep the story consistent and show they listened.

  5. The story can be silly, but not ridiculous.

  6. Tell them to pretend that they are writing an actual story.

  7. If they are stuck, they may say PASS.

Game 4: Simon Says


  1. Substitute is the judge.

  2. When the Substitute says the command with “Simon Says” the students must do it.

  3. If the substitute says the command without “Simon Says” and the student does it, they are out. (They will work on a quiet activity like drawing or reading)

  4. No arguing with the judge.

  5. Examples: “Simon Says” put your hands on your head, nose, feet, knees, ears, hair, foot. “Simon says” spin, twirl, march, hop, skip, jump, put your right hand on your head, etc

Game 5: Telephone


  1. Split class in half and each half and form two straight lines.

  2. Make up a rhyme or sentence and carefully whisper it to the first person in each line.

  3. They will then pass what you said all the way to the last person.

  4. Nobody is allowed to repeat the sentence more than once.

  5. When both lines have completed passing your sentences to the back, have each last person repeat the sentence.

  6. The team with the closest to what you said will receive a point. Keep score on a board, paper or easel.

  7. When each student has had a turn, the game ends and you tally the points.

Game 6: Charades


  1. Student will be given a subject to act out without using words or any sound.

  2. The student who guesses it correctly, will be next.

  3. If no one guesses, then choose another volunteer.

  4. Tell them that their actions MUST be appropriate for school, otherwise they are OUT.


Tying a shoelace, food that is too hot, a rabbit, a dog, a cat, throwing a baseball, soccer, throwing a frisbee, sipping tea, eating an Oreo cookie, stepping on hot sand, looking into the sun, picking flowers, waking up.

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