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Quick Attention-Grabbers for Elementary Classroom Teachers

Stepping into a new classroom as a substitute teacher, often without the familiarity that permanent teachers enjoy, can present unique challenges. One of the key hurdles you face is capturing and maintaining the attention of your students from the moment you walk in.

Engaging a room full of eager young minds, who might see your presence as a break from routine, requires a toolkit of smart strategies to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Attention-grabbers (or attention-getters) are not just playful call and response interactions but are essential techniques in establishing authority and setting a positive tone for the day. They help in swiftly shifting focus back to learning, especially during transitions or moments of heightened excitement.

Let's dive into some creative ways to capture your students' attention, keeping them engaged and ready to learn!

Attention Grabbers for Elementary Students

  1. Teacher: "Ready, set..." Students: "You bet!"

  2. Teacher: "Hocus Pocus..." Students: "Everybody focus!"

  3. Teacher: "The ants go marching one by one…" Students: "Hurrah, Hurrah."

  4. Teacher: "Pop, pop, pop..." Students: Freeze in place and say, "It’s time to stop."

  5. Teacher: "Lemon Lime..." Students: "It’s Quiet Time."

  6. Teacher: "I’m ready to Teach..." Students: "We’re ready to Learn."

  7. Teacher: "Ready to Rock..." Students: "Ready to Roll."

  8. Teacher: "Easy Peasy..." Students: "Lemon Squeezy."

  9. Teacher: "1, 2, 3, eyes on me..." Students: "1, 2, eyes on you!"

  10. Teacher: "Peanut butter..." Students: "Jelly time!"

  11. Teacher: "To infinity..." Students: "And beyond!"

  12. Teacher: "Hands on top..." Students: "That means stop."

  13. Teacher: "Zip it, lock it..." Students: "Put it in your pocket!"

These fun attention-grabbing call and response phrases can help maintain order and focus in the classroom, making transitions smoother and learning more effective.


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Attention grabbers for elementary students


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