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Kindergarten Writing Activities for Substitute Teachers

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

In the bustling world of kindergarten, a spare moment can be a golden opportunity. This article includes 10 writing activities and games to help fill those valuable gaps in your classroom schedule. These activities cater to young learners, igniting their creativity and building a strong foundation in writing, all while having fun.

Here are ten enjoyable time filler writing activities for a kindergarten class that require no supplies.

Fun Time Filler Activities for Kindergarten Writing

  1. Alphabet Challenge: Call out a letter of the alphabet, and have students think of and say a word that starts with that letter. Encourage them to be creative.

  2. Descriptive Drawing: Have the students draw a picture, and then ask them to describe it in a sentence or two, using their emerging writing skills to explain their artwork.

  3. Silly Sentences: Encourage students to make silly sentences using a specific word or theme. For example, "The funny cat danced on the moon with a purple hat."

  4. Favorite Things: Ask the students to write or dictate a sentence about their favorite animal, color, food, or activity, using the sentence structure "My favorite [blank] is [blank]."

  5. Rhyming Words: Call out a simple word, and have students take turns coming up with words that rhyme with it. For example, "Cat... hat, bat, rat..."

  6. Opposites Game: Call out a word, and ask students to think of the opposite. For example, "Hot... cold."

  7. Daily Journals: Encourage students to draw a picture or dictate a short sentence about something they did that day or a special moment.

  8. Imaginary Adventures: Have the students close their eyes and imagine an exciting adventure. Ask them to describe what they see, hear, and experience using descriptive words.

  9. Letter of the Day: Pick a letter and ask students to think of words that start with that letter. For example, if the letter is "B," they might come up with "ball," "banana," and "butterfly."

  10. My Dream Day: Encourage the children to describe their dream day in a few simple sentences. What would they do from morning to night if they could choose anything?

These fun writing activities for substitute teachers engage kindergartners in creative writing and storytelling, helping them build their writing skills while having fun and being imaginative.


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