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Kindergarten Math Time Filler Activities for Substitute Teachers

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Kindergarten Math Activities For Substitute Teachers

Incorporating fun and simple time filler activities into a kindergarten math class can be an excellent way to reinforce learning concepts and keep young minds engaged. Here are some fun and simple time filler activities for a kindergarten math class that require no supplies:

  1. Math Movement: Call out a number or a simple math problem and ask the students to physically represent the answer. For example, if you say "What's 2 + 3?" they can hop five times. This activity incorporates movement and math.

  2. Number Hunt: Ask the students to look around the classroom and point to objects with specific numbers. For example, "Find something with the number 3." This activity reinforces number recognition.

  3. Math Rhymes: Create or use simple math rhymes and chants that the students can repeat and sing together. For example, "1, 2, buckle my shoe; 3, 4, shut the door..."

  4. Math Storytelling: Tell a very short, simple math story like "Three ducks went to the pond, and two more joined them. How many ducks are at the pond now?" Then, let the students act out the story.

  5. Counting by Jumping: Have students stand in a circle, and each child takes turns counting while jumping. For example, the first child says "1," jumps once, the next child says "2," and so on.

  6. Shape Search: Ask the students to find and name shapes in the classroom, like rectangles, circles, or triangles. You can say, "Point to a circle," and they'll search for one.

  7. Counting with Claps: Count together as a group, but instead of saying the numbers, clap them. For example, one clap for "1," two claps for "2," and so on.

  8. Math Story Chain: Start a math-related story with a simple sentence, and have each student add a sentence to continue the story, incorporating math concepts like counting or basic addition.

  9. Animal Math: Assign each child an animal and ask them to show the number of legs that animal has. For example, a child assigned as a dog might bark and show four fingers (representing four legs).

  10. Math Freeze Dance: Play music, and when the music stops, call out a math question (e.g., "How many fingers do you have?"). Students must freeze and hold up the correct number of fingers. This combines math with movement and music.

  11. Number Stories: Have each child come up with a simple number story on the spot. For example, "I have 4 marbles, and I gave 2 to my friend. How many marbles do I have left?" Encourage them to use their imagination for storytelling and basic math.

These kindergarten math games and activities for substitute teachers are enjoyable, educational, and perfect for filling short periods of time in a kindergarten math class without the need for additional supplies. They engage young math learners and keep the classroom fun and interactive.


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