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Fun Icebreaker Games For Substitute Teachers (With Worksheets)

Updated: Apr 29

These fun icebreaker games for substitute teachers will help you control the tempo of your school day while getting to know the students.

When you enter a new classroom you don’t know the students and you’re coming in cold. As the substitute teacher, you should quickly set the tone for the day before the students do. These icebreaker games for substitute teachers will give the students the feeling that they are safe, that you are interested in getting to know them, and it’s a short time investment to achieve these goals.

If you haven’t been taking the time to use icebreaker activities, give any of these a try and see how much it helps create an environment of positivity. Children want to be recognized, heard, and most importantly, understood. Let's break the ice!

What are some fun icebreaker games for substitute teachers?

Icebreaker Game 1: Two Truths and a Fib

Directions: Write two statements that are TRUE about yourself and one fictional (FALSE) statement about yourself. Write them in any order. We will see how well your classmates know you! You will collect the papers and read them to the class and keep a tally of how many students guess the correct one.

Hint#1: Don’t always say the fib last or the class will know. Practice saying the fib with confidence in your head so you classmates won’t be able to guess.

Hint #2: Hide your paper while writing… you don’t want any spies seeing your answers!

Download the following PDF for students to complete this activity:

Two Truths and a Fib-2
Download PDF • 105KB

Icebreaker Game 2: Find Someone Who?

Directions: Students will mingle around the room with a clipboard, the “Find

Someone Who? Sheet, and a pencil or pen. They will go up to their classmates trying to find a clue that fits the person. If it fits, the classmate will sign their initials.

That is the only time that person can sign their paper. They will try to find as many people that fit the clues in a certain time frame. (Ten to fifteen minutes depending on how much time you have.)

Download the following PDF for students to complete this activity:

Find Someone Who...
Download PDF • 514KB

Icebreaker Game 3: Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Directions: Project the slide presentation (download below) on the screen one at a time. Give students a minute or two to look at the slides to see what they think.

When you begin to call on them, remember there are multiple ways to look at these pictures.

Allow them to answer, and then tell you their rationale. Do not judge their answers. Students love this activity! See how many different answers you get per slide!

Download the slide presentation here:

Download PDF • 266KB

Icebreaker Game 4: "So Do I"

Directions: The class is in a circle wherever there is space in the classroom. The guest teacher will say: “I have blonde hair. “ The students who have blonde hair will go into the middle of the circle and say, “So do I.” After they step in the middle, they will go back to their places and wait for the next one.

*** Make sure to include all students before you end the game.

Here are some suggestions:

I have Glasses, I like to play soccer, go to the beach, travel, eat pizza, do science experiments, read books, eat chocolate, love dogs, cats, scared of spiders, read non-fiction, watch TV, play video games , etc.

Icebreaker Game 5: Would You Rather

Directions: Show one at a time and ask students to justify their answers.

You can say hold up one finger for the first choice or two fingers for the second choice or stand up for the first choice and stay seated for the second choice. Call on several students for each choice before moving to the next slide.

Download the following PDF for students to complete this activity:

Would You Rather
Download PDF • 6.05MB


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