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Fun Morning Meeting Activity: Creating a Collaborative Drawing

Updated: Jul 6

Starting the day with a fun, cooperative activity can set a positive tone for your students and promote teamwork and creativity. Here’s a fantastic morning meeting activity that encourages collaboration and respect: drawing a face together as a class. This activity is simple to set up and can lead to lots of laughs and a sense of accomplishment. Here’s how to do make morning meeting more fun.

Materials Needed for Creating a Collaborative Drawing

  • A large piece of paper

  • A marker or pencil for each student



  1. Set Up the Paper: Start with a blank circle drawn on a large piece of paper. This circle will be the base for the face you’ll all create together.

Activity Steps:

Explain the Activity:

  • Gather the students around and explain that you will be creating a face together. Each student will get a chance to add one feature or detail to the face.

  • Emphasize the importance of being respectful of each other’s contributions. The goal is to create a collaborative piece of art, so everyone’s input is valuable.

Distribute Markers/Pencils:

  • Give each student a marker or pencil so they are ready to participate.

Teacher Starts:

  • As the teacher, start the activity by drawing the first feature on the face. This could be something simple like an eye or a nose.

Student Contributions:

  • One by one, invite each student to add a feature to the face. Encourage them to be creative and think about what might be missing (e.g., eyes, ears, hair, eyebrows, mouth).

  • Ensure each student has a turn and remind them gently if they seem stuck on what to add. It’s okay if some features are unconventional—it’s part of the fun!

Guide and Encourage:

  • Throughout the process, offer positive reinforcement and guide students to think about what features might still be missing. Ask questions like, “What else does our face need?” or “Who wants to add the next feature?”

Final Touches:

  • Once everyone has had a turn, take a moment to admire the collaborative face you’ve all created. If necessary, add any final touches to complete the face.

Naming the Face:

  • Ask the students to come up with a name for the face. This adds an extra layer of fun and gives the face a unique identity.

Display the Artwork:

  • Put the collaborative face up on the board or wall where everyone can see it. This not only showcases the students' teamwork but also serves as a fun reminder of their cooperative effort.

Benefits of this Fun Morning Meeting Activity:

  • Promotes Teamwork: Students work together to achieve a common goal, reinforcing the importance of collaboration.

  • Encourages Creativity: Each student gets to contribute their unique idea to the project.

  • Builds Respect: Emphasizing respect for each other’s contributions helps build a positive classroom environment.

  • Enhances Morning Meetings: This activity adds a fun and interactive element to your morning meetings, making them more engaging for students.

The “Creating a Cooperative Face” morning meeting activity is a fantastic way to start the school day. It’s simple, fun, and promotes important skills like teamwork, creativity, and respect. Plus, the end result is a hilarious and unique piece of art that your students will be proud of. Give it a try, and watch your classroom come together to create something truly special!

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