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The Ultimate Back-to-School Bulletin Board Theme Ideas

Updated: Jul 8

As an elementary teacher, the first bulletin board you put up is crucial. It's not just a decoration—it's the first impression your students and their parents will have of you. When students see their names and your creative touch, they immediately feel like they are part of a special community. This initial sense of belonging can set a positive tone for the entire school year. To help you make a lasting impact, here are ten back-to-school bulletin board theme ideas that will wow both students and parents.

8 Creative Back-to-School Bulletin Board Theme Ideas for your Elementary Classroom, 2024-2025

Bulletin Board Theme Idea 1:

"Let's Write a New Chapter in ___ Grade"

Have each student design a book cover out of paper and display them on a bulletin board with a reading theme. Personalized book covers will make students feel like they are part of an exciting new story.

Bulletin board for elementary: book chapters

Bulletin Board Theme Idea 2:

"What's the Scoop in ___ Grade?"

Create a bulletin board with paper ice cream cones, each designed by a student and featuring their name. This fun and colorful board will instantly engage students, making them excited to start the year.

Bulletin board for elementary: ice cream cones

Bulletin Board Theme Idea 3:

"Fall into ___ Grade"

Create a paper tree with falling leaves, each leaf decorated by a student with their name. Use fall colors and a paper mache background to set the scene. Students will love seeing their personalized leaves.

Bulletin board for elementary: spring fall leaves idea

Bulletin Board Theme Idea 4:

"Zoo-zoo-zooming into ___ Grade" with cars

Feature paper cars with each student's name, driving on a road that winds through the bulletin board. This dynamic design will thrill students, making them eager to start the school year.

Bulletin board for elementary: cars

Bulletin Board Theme Idea 5:

"Zoo-zoo-zooming into ___ Grade" with zoo animals

Bulletin board for elementary: zoo animals

Bulletin Board Theme Idea 6:

"Our Class Fits Together"

Use puzzle pieces decorated by students to create a class puzzle.

Bulletin board for elementary: puzzle pieces

Bulletin Board Theme Idea 7:

"Meet the New Cast in ___ Grade"

Create a movie-themed bulletin board with pictures of students on top of a paper movie reel. Decorate with colors like red, black, silver, and white. Students will feel like stars.

Bulletin board for elementary: meet the new cast

Bulletin Board Theme Idea 8:

"Who's in our class?"

  • Create a backdrop of tree branches and leaves. You can use brown and green construction paper to make it look like the owls are perched in a tree.

  • Add a few leaves around the branches to enhance the tree effect.

  • Owl Cutouts:

  • Prepare owl cutouts, one for each student. These can be printed or hand-drawn.

  • Let each student decorate their own owl with markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

Tips for a Great Back-to-School Bulletin Board Theme

  • Personalize: Use students' names and allow them to contribute to the design. This creates a sense of ownership and belonging.

  • Be Creative: Use a variety of materials and themes to make the board visually appealing.

  • Stay Organized: Keep the board neat and well-arranged to ensure it is easy to read and understand.

  • Update Regularly: Change the board monthly to reflect new themes, seasons, or topics being covered in class.

By putting thought and creativity into your back-to-school bulletin board, you'll make a positive first impression on your students and their parents. This small but impactful effort will help create a welcoming and inclusive classroom environment that sets the tone for a successful school year.



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