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HelloSubs: Not your typical substitute teacher staffing agency

Updated: Mar 27

Welcome to HelloSubs, the on-demand marketplace that connects school and substitute teachers, providing flexibility, simplicity, and support to our subs. Are you wondering if we are a staffing agency? Hear us out!

HelloSubs is not a staffing agency. Unlike substitute staffing agencies that manage a district's existing pool of subs, HelloSubs builds the pool. We recruit, train, and manage our own teachers available to work in your school district. We don't just supply software; we build relationships with real people who want to make a difference in student's lives by working as substitutes at schools they want to be.

We also offer the freedom to work independently and make their schedules to our substitutes, who can work full-time or part-time, depending on their availability. What's more, we don't charge any applicants fees for registration or placement services.

We have built our own modern, mobile-first platform regularly updated to increase utilization and fill rates. By providing access to high-quality candidates in real-time, our approach increases fill rates, improves the student's education experience, and saves districts money. We can also offer lower prices than traditional staffing agencies since we don't have to pay for expensive software; it's all on us.

You can sign up with us without worrying about paying any subscription or start-up fees. With us, schools only pay for results, the days worked on their campuses, and we take care of everything else!

In summary, HelloSubs is not a staffing agency, but a marketplace that empowers substitute teachers to take control of their career on their terms while helping schools with their staffing needs.

To experience the difference, reach out to us to schedule a demo or learn more here.

Modern substitute teacher staffing agency


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