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When is National Substitute Teacher Day 2025?

When is substitute teacher day 2025

May 22, 2024

Celebrating Substitute Teachers: Substitute Teacher Appreciation Day 2025

When is substitute teacher day (substitute educator day) in 2025?

Substitute Teacher Day, celebrated on November 21st, 2025, honors the indispensable role of substitute teachers in our education system. These dedicated professionals ensure that learning continues smoothly whenever regular teachers are absent, adapting to various classroom settings with skill and commitment.

On this day, schools and communities unite to show their appreciation through thank-you notes, small gifts, and public recognitions. It’s a time for students, parents, and fellow educators to acknowledge and celebrate the significant impact substitute teachers have on our children’s education.

Mark your calendars for November 21st, 2025, and join in recognizing the invaluable contributions of substitute teachers.

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