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Is substitute teaching a good side hustle?

Is substitute teaching a good side hustle

Oct 12, 2023

Pros and cons of substitute teaching as a side hustle job: salary, benefits, etc

Substitute teaching as a side hustle job

Substitute teaching can be a viable side hustle job for some people, but whether it's a good option depends on your individual circumstances and preferences.

Here are some factors when considering substitute teaching as a side hustle job:

Pros of Substitute Teaching as a Side Hustle Job:

  1. Flexibility: Substitute teaching jobs often offer flexibility, allowing you to choose when and where you work. This can be beneficial for those who need to work around other commitments.

  2. Substitute Teacher Salary: It can provide an additional salary, especially if you have a teaching background or enjoy working with students.

  3. Skill Development: Substitute teaching can help you gain valuable teaching and classroom management experience, which can be useful if you're considering a career in education.

  4. Variety: Each day can bring different experiences and challenges, making it an interesting side job.

Cons of Substitute Teaching as a Side Hustle Job:

  1. Inconsistent Work: Substitute teaching jobs can be unpredictable, with no guarantee of a steady stream of assignments. This may not be suitable for those seeking a consistent income.

  2. Potentially Low Salary: Substitute teachers typically earn lower wages compared to full-time teachers, and the lack of benefits can be a drawback.

  3. Lack of Job Security: You might not always secure assignments, which can lead to financial uncertainty.

  4. Classroom Management: Managing different classrooms and student behaviors can be challenging, especially if you lack formal teaching experience.

  5. Certification Requirements: Some states or districts may require substitute teachers to meet certain qualifications, which could involve additional time and expenses for training.

How much do substitute teachers make?

On average, substitute teachers in the U.S. earn $38,240 yearly, but this varies by state, experience, and education. For instance, Hawaii's substitutes make around $46,680, while Mississippi's earn about $28,460. Generally, having a bachelor's degree can mean higher earnings. The salary range is from $25,000 to $45,000 annually.

Ultimately, whether substitute teaching is a good side hustle for you depends on your financial needs, career goals, and tolerance for uncertainty. It can be a rewarding experience, but it may not provide the stability and income consistency that some people seek from a side job. If you're considering substitute teaching, it's a good idea to research the requirements and expectations in your specific area and evaluate whether it aligns with your personal and financial goals.

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