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What is another name for a substitute teacher?

What is another name or synonym for substitute teachers

Oct 11, 2023

Substitute teachers, also known as guest or relief teachers, step in for regular educators when they are unavailable, ensuring continuity in classroom instruction.

What are other names or words for substitute teachers?

Substitute teachers are often referred to by various names depending on the region and educational institution.

Some common alternative names and words for substitute teachers include:

  1. Guest Teachers

  2. Relief Teachers

  3. Supply Teachers (commonly used in the UK and some other countries)

  4. Temporary Teachers

  5. Stand-in Teachers

  6. Sub Teachers

  7. Casual Teachers (common in Australia)

  8. Substitute Educators

  9. Pro Tempore Teachers (often abbreviated as "Pro Tem" or "PT")

  10. Reserve Teachers

  11. Interim Teachers

  12. On-call Teachers

  13. Part-Time Teachers

  14. Cover Teachers

  15. Emergency Teachers

  16. Per Diem Teachers (per diem refers to daily payment)

  17. Rotational Teachers (used in some contexts)

  18. Substitute Educators

These words and terms can vary in usage and preference depending on the specific school district, country, or educational institution. The primary role of a substitute teacher is to fill in for regular classroom teachers when they are absent, and the title used may differ from place to place.

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