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Pennsylvania Sub Requirements

Pennsylvania, USA

Minimum Education

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Substitute Teacher Requirements

To obtain a teaching certification in Pennsylvania, you must follow specific guidelines and complete the required steps. Most public schools in Philadelphia and the broader Pennsylvania region mandate formal certification for educators. Fortunately, there are various pathways to achieve this essential certification.

You can embark on this journey as part of your bachelor's degree in education. Alternatively, if you've already completed your undergraduate studies, you can explore separate, alternative certification programs. The Pennsylvania Department of Education maintains an up-to-date list of approved programs, which can be found on their official website.

Two popular alternative certification routes in Pennsylvania are the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence's temporary teaching permit and the Pennsylvania Teacher Intern Certification Program. These programs offer the opportunity to teach while working towards your certification, making it a practical option for aspiring educators.


  • Pennsylvania substitute teacher requirements are coming soon

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