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Technology's impact on Substitute teaching

Let's face it; Substitute teaching can be a stressful experience, especially if you're unprepared. Fortunately, there are many different sources available to help educators prepare for substitute teaching assignments. From planning tools to online resources for lesson planning, the process of becoming a successful substitute teacher has never been easier or more efficient.

Technology can help substitute teachers plan and prepare. Substitute teachers often have less time to prepare than classroom teachers do, so technology can be a big help. If you're planning on teaching a lesson that includes technology, consider recording yourself doing it once or twice so that you can show the students what the activity looks like when done correctly. Here's a video demonstrating how to record yourself over zoom.

Another thing that technology allows us to do is communicate with other educators within our school district quickly and easily--and this makes our jobs much easier! We have access to all sorts of information about each student's needs in order for them to learn at their highest potential, as well as any special circumstances surrounding their education at home or work (e.g., if they live with an abusive parent).

Technology is a great tool, but it's not the only one. As a substitute teacher, you have to be prepared. You need a plan and how to engage with many different types of students. A lot of schools have policies and procedures that you should also be familiar with. Here is a link to a short blog about some time-filler activities you can perform as a sub.

Online resources can help substitute teachers with planning and preparation.

Online resources include lesson plans and materials, which can be used to help plan lessons for each class. Substitute teachers can also use these tools to learn about the students they'll be teaching on that day. Some of the most popular ways that schools connect with students are through Google Classroom, Blackboard Learn, Canvas, and Moodle. Take a look at these online learning platforms to better understand how they work and feel.

In order to function in a classroom setting, especially one where the students are new or unfamiliar, a substitute teacher needs to be well prepared. This can be challenging because of the wide range of situations that can arise during a day's work as a substitute. A substitute may come into class and find that all of the desks are arranged in a circle instead of rows; they may have to take over for an absent teacher who has given them no instructions on how they want their lessons taught; or worse yet, they might find themselves dealing with unruly students who don't want them there at all!

In order to prepare yourself for these kinds of situations it's important that you know what kind of school district you'll be working in (public vs private) as well as what grade level(s) will be covered by your assignment (elementary through high school). Understanding these basic facts will help ensure that when something unexpected happens during class time--like having only one ruler available--you know exactly where it should go without having any hesitation about where else it might fit into place instead."

There are many different sources available to help educators prepare for substitute teaching assignments. Many school districts offer online tools and resources that can be accessed by teachers and substitutes alike. These include:

  • Teacher preparation programs, which prepare individuals to earn a proper teaching credential.

  • Substitute training programs such as STEDI and SubSchool.

In addition, some districts have developed special substitute teacher preparation courses that focus on specific assignments like reading intervention or math intervention classes.

Substitute teachers are an important part of the education system, and technology can help them be even more effective. Technology offers a wealth of resources that can make your job easier, including online tools that allow you to plan ahead and prepare for any situation. If you're interested in becoming a substitute teacher or just want to learn more about what it takes, check out HelloSubs which uses an all-purpose app to coordinate everything!

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