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Substitute Teaching made easy with the HelloSubs app

Updated: Jul 3

Looking to become a substitute teacher but don’t know where to start? Substitute teaching can be a challenging and hectic experience. It requires a great deal of flexibility and adaptability, and can be especially difficult for those who are not familiar with the classroom and its routines. Fortunately, the HelloSubs app has facilitated this process with their app specifically designed for substitute teachers. Here are some of the benefits of using the HelloSubs app for substitute teaching:

  • Improved Communication: HelloSubs provide a central platform for schools and substitute teachers to communicate effectively. Schools can let the substitute know of any special instructions or requirements, while substitutes can quickly and easily check the schedule and update their availability.

  • Easy Scheduling: Using HelloSubs, schools and substitute teachers can schedule shifts around their availability. No more time-consuming manual processes or back-and-forth emailing!

  • Increased Flexibility: With the ability to update their availability from their phone or computer, substitute teachers have more control over the shifts they can take, including half-day and hourly assignments that can work around your commitments.

  • Notifications: Subs receive push, SMS, and email notifications for assignments on the days they are available. No more waiting by the phone or paying for a secondary notification service.

  • Improved Payroll Process: The HelloSubs payroll experience lives right inside our app and can be setup in just a few minutes - even from a mobile device. Subs get paid every Friday and receive details payslips showing exactly which assignments being paid for.

Interested in becoming a substitute teacher? Register today with HelloSubs and our friendly consultants will schedule a time to talk and explain next steps!

Ready to become a sub?

Earn up to $220/day substitute teaching on your own schedule.

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