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Revolutionizing substitute teaching for everyone.

Join our mission to build a substitute teaching platform that improves learning outcomes and supports teachers.

About HelloSubs

Launched in the Winter of 2020, HelloSubs was created by the team at Teaching Nomad, a global leader in teach abroad placement. Our team identified that the current model for substitute teaching wasn't working as well as it could and that we had the skills and experience needed to fix it.

Every year in American there are 40-50M classroom days that need to be covered by a substitute and students spend nearly one full academic year with subs by the time they graduate high school. An industry that effects so many people deserves our attention, it should improve our school system, not drag it down.


We recognized that by combining leading edge technology with the right people, we could vastly improve an industry that affects millions. Our hypothesis is proving to be true as we expand our platform across the country. 

Like Teaching Nomad, our mission is built on the foundation that you can have anything you want if you just help enough other get what they want. For schools this means improving the quality of instruction and ensuring every job order is filled. For teachers, we provide a platform for flexible, convenient work that supports their development as a teacher, and provides a path to career opportunities.

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